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Hey Guys! I'm Pavel 23 years young. I was born in Kazakhstan in city Karaganda and then moved to Germany when I was 8 years young, together with my parents and family of course. Since then, I've developed a passion for the arts including acting,fashion,model and photographie and yes i,m currently Photographer. Creating is one of my greatest hobbies, so whenever the chance arises, I would rather make something myself than buy it. I'm studying some languages like Russian. German. English and France. In my spare time I'm a background actor and I also make photographie,photomodeling,modeling and i´m Russian fashion-blogger and youtube video vlogger from Germany.Thank you for visiting my blog! I love you. Enjoy my inspiration in life.

четверг, 3 октября 2013 г.


T-Shirt: H&M.RU & H&M.DE www.h&m.com & www.h&m.com Levi´s Jeans-Denim Jeans: www.levi.com Boots: Shoedazzle.com www.deichmann.com

У нас чудо и досихпор нет Осени на Дворе Лето я так рад что ты с нами! И мои Летние Оутфиты соответственно продолжаются. Мне очень Нравится моя летняя,такая свободная своего рода голубенькая Фуболка,Купил я её в Майе мне она очень ещё-раз повтарюсь понравилась,она такая CASUAL Футболка хорошо и комфортно и свободно чувствуешь себя в ней например как на фотографии выйти легко с Улыбкой, такой легкой походкой с ходить например как я в Продуктовый Магазин за Соком! :)
Мой летний Фаворит! Купил я её в H&M

We have a miracle and still there is no Fall outside Summer I you are so glad that with us! And mine of Summer Outfita respectively proceed. I very much Like my summer, such free some kind of golubenky Fubolka, I Bought her in Maya to me it very much once again I will repeat it was pleasant, it is such CASUAL the T-shirt well and comfortably and freely feel in it for example as in the photo to leave easy with the Smile, such light step with to go for example as I to Grocery Shop behind Juice! :)
My summer Favourite! I bought it in H&M

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